Day 37

Day 37: Closing Thoughts

Athena Liao 2012, Blog 3535 Comments

Our last week of MSBA was busy to say the least.  As we made final changes to our Think Tank presentations, I was also finishing up projects at work and tying up loose ends.  It was scary to think that once my internship was over, I’d have to start working the post-internship checklist (which no one ever wants to do). …

Day 36

Day 36: The Yes Man

Michael Rosenberg 2012, Blog 2 Comments

Knowing that my stay in New York could be limited to the eight weeks that MSBA has scheduled for me, my goal was to take advantage of every opportunity that arose. With that, I’m proud to say that I did not miss a guest speaker or a trip to a company during the entire MSBA program. Outside all of the programming …

Day 35

Day 35: Special Sunday Night Speaker – Lon Rosen

Lucas Biebelberg 2012, Blog Leave a Comment

As the Manhattan Sports Business Academy enters its final week, it becomes quite clear just how impactful this program has been to all of us. From meeting industry executives to experiencing once in a lifetime opportunities to visit different venues, MSBA has been an incredible journey. The overall effervescent personalities of the students in our program not only helped make …

Day 34

Day 34: One More Week and an Afternoon at FILA

Tee Chayakul 2012, Blog 2 Comments

We are now coming up to the last week of the MSBA program and an internship for me with Ben at Leverage. I have really enjoyed my experience here and it has been fascinating how my works seem to have 3 distinct phases to it. The first third of the program I focused quite a lot on sponsorship sales; making …