Day 34: #Priceless

Oruny Choi 2014 2118 Comments

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July 4th has arrived and because we did not have work or an MSBA event, I was able take a small getaway and be home for the weekend. On the train ride home to New Jersey, I thought about all that has happened in just five weeks: the lifelong relationships with my MSBA family, the wealth of knowledge that all of the speakers have imparted on to us, the access we’ve received – the list goes on and on. My personal favorite parts of the summer were hearing from Frank Supovitz and visiting the Brooklyn Nets’ office at Metrotech Center in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to stepping foot into the NBA league office next Friday.

It’s been an unbelievable time to be in New York City, as far as sports are concerned. The city has been buzzing for the entire summer with the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final, the rematch of last season’s NBA Finals, the NBA Draft, and the run Team USA made at the World Cup.

Despite my initial jitters and anxiousness in this new chapter of my life, everything that has happened this summer has confirmed to me that we are all meant to be here. Ben was serious when he said that he wanted this summer to be our “best summer ever.” Thanks for your vision with MSBA and for “paying it forward” to the next generation of leaders in the sports industry. I think that I speak on behalf of my fellow MSBA classmates when I say that without this summer, we would be nowhere near where we are today in our careers and in our lives. Thanks for bringing us together and connecting us in a special way. (Also, happy belated birthday and congrats on the birth of your first son!)

As for the closing three weeks of the program, I’m ready to make myself indispensable at my internship with Modell’s Sporting Goods and finish the Manhattan Sports Business Academy strong. This is only the beginning.


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