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Manhattan Sports Business Academy is a summer immersion program designed for college students seeking career acceleration in the sports industry. Following a competitive selection process, MSBA delivers a comprehensive learning experience to an intimate group through internship placement, mentorship pairing, a speaker series, office field trips and other professional development curriculum. Based in New York City, we ensure members understand the real landscape of our diverse business through invaluable access and exposure while joining a leading community of established executives and like-minded peers from around the world.

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MSBA students are thoughtful, passionate and curious about the sports landscape, and MSBA provides their members a broad spectrum of exposure throughout the summer. I appreciate that MSBA doesn’t just highlight the usual areas or suspects within their content, but also brings in experts from unique areas of the business like product licensing, digital technology, etc. This helps students see that there are more opportunities in sports than being an agent or in sales at a team.
Wendy Morris
VP, Team Marketing and Business Operations / NBA
MSBA is a fantastic program that offers aspiring sports business professionals a well-rounded experience in the various aspects of our industry – key to a young person’s career development. As MSBA Mentors, we not only have an opportunity to connect with our peers (other Mentors), but we start to build relationships with future colleagues and leaders in our industry. If I am asked to participate as an MSBA Mentor in future years my answer will definitely be yes.
Max Paulsen
Manager, Business Development / NFL
MSBA candidates are of the highest caliber; our New York office participated in the internship program this past summer, and the student we were matched with far-exceeded our expectations. I can confidently say that he was the most exceptional intern our office has ever had, and Premier is looking forward to participating in the program next summer as well!
Uzma Rawn
Senior Director, Sponsorship Sales / MLB
MSBA is a game-changing opportunity for serious young professionals seeking a competitive advantage in our demanding and evolving industry. I wish this type of program existed when I was looking for a way to break in.
Darren Rovell
Sports Business Analyst / ESPN
I found the quality, intelligence and incisiveness of the MSBA students truly and uniquely impressive. Proof-positive that this program presents great opportunities to introduce today’s sports business leaders to the best young minds coming into the industry.
Frank Supovitz
SVP, Events / NFL

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Landing my current position with Major League Baseball would not have been possible without the experiences and resources I acquired through my summer with MSBA.
Kahlil Keys
Coordinator, Sponsorship Sales / Major League Baseball (MSBA Class of 2014)
MSBA has built an industry-leading program designed to expose you to every aspect of sports business. For students in my shoes - who have an interest in sports but don’t really know what that interest could mean - a program like MSBA is perfect as it informs you of the various career paths that are out there and puts you in touch with leading professionals in the industry.
Lucy King
Subscription Sales Intern / Madison Square Garden (MSBA Class of 2015)
No doubt MSBA was a catalyst for my professional development. Not only did MSBA allow me to uncover new skill sets and push me professionally, it paved the road that landed me in my current job. Aside from playing a key role in my summer experience, MSBA's network is full of professionals willing to put in the time to help you jumpstart your career even after the program is over. As the quality of the program continues to flourish, and as we all grow collectively in the business together, I'm proud to call myself an MSBA alum.
Ethan Shibutani
Senior Marketing Acquisition Associate / DraftKings (MSBA Class of 2013)
What truly made my MSBA summer unforgettable was the chance to experience it with new friends who are just as passionate about sports as I am. I would have never dreamt that I'd have the opportunity to sit with executives from the NFL, NBC Sports, and NBA. Just the exhilaration of walking through the doors to their head office for a meeting was a once in a lifetime moment, but having these executives as future contacts is career-changing.
Mary Somma
Account Executive, Inside Sales / Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSBA Class of 2013)
MSBA provided an experience both invaluable and game-changing. In just eight weeks, the close relationships I made - and continue to maintain to this day - with my classmates are unique and unparalleled, and it's extremely rewarding to see most of us getting our sports careers underway. No doubt we have the MSBA program, its staff, and our mentors to thank for giving us exposure to one another and to some of the industry's best. I can confidently say that MSBA is one of the smartest professional decisions I've ever made.
Chris Stathos
Partnership Activation Coordinator / Kansas City Chiefs (MSBA Class of 2013)

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