Gain the support you need via unprecedented access to a network of established professionals who know what it’s like to enter and thrive in this ultra-competitive industry.


MSBA’s innovative Mentorship Collectives pair each student with three industry professionals to form an intimate support group facilitating even more reward for everyone involved as we continue to emphasize the diversity shaping today’s unique businesses.

Meet the 2018 Collectives


Expanded Network

Triple the relationships within your own and other participating groups.

More Exposure

Triple your connection to unique experiences, knowledge and career tracks within our diverse industry.

Balanced Commitment

Triple the support system designed to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Mentorship Collective Members


Seasoned professional with substantial leadership experience.


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Rising star with a proven record of achievement.


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Former MSBA student making their mark as an industry pro.


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Mentorship Activities

Kickoff Celebration

Mid-Summer Gathering


Commencement Ceremony


Joining MSBA as a Mentor has been one of the greatest experiences in my career as the rewards are two-fold. As part of a Mentorship Collective, you work closely with your student to help them navigate this fast-paced and demanding industry where relationships last long after summer ends. At the same time, you have the opportunity to lean on your collective team for guidance and support. I wish this program had existed when I was graduating college, as it’s an amazing network of professionals that quickly become family. I look forward to continuing to grow with MSBA.
Amanda Flynn
Manager, Operations / Major League Soccer
MSBA provides an amazing platform for young professionals eager to give back to our industry's rising stars. The Mentorship Collective structure not only ensures student growth, it also provides me with the opportunity to build relationships with my own peers within the ever-growing MSBA Community.
Emily Nesi
Manager, Corporate Sales and Partnerships / New York Mets
It is said that a person is a reflection of their circle and that strength is defined by a person's ability to positively impact others. Nowhere is the personification of this statement more true than through the opportunity that MSBA affords its participants. Having had a past career in education, I thoroughly enjoyed a return to mentorship and learning through my service to my Mentee. Seeing his drive, fearlessness, and willingness to learn, I am confident in the future of the industry that MSBA is helping to build one relationship at a time.
Kellen Williams
Senior Manager / LeadDog Marketing Group
MSBA is a fantastic program that offers aspiring sports business professionals a well-rounded experience in the various aspects of our industry – key to a young person’s career development. As MSBA Mentors, we not only have an opportunity to connect with our peers (other Mentors), but we start to build relationships with future colleagues and leaders in our industry. If I am asked to participate as an MSBA Mentor in future years my answer will definitely be yes.
Max Paulsen
Director, Business Development / National Hockey League