Day 39: Thank You Letter

Samir Khoury 2017, Blog, Featured

As I sit in this Metro-North train departing Grand Central on my way to work, I cannot begin to express my overwhelming gratitude to this program and what it has given me. So, I find it appropriate for this to be a letter of thanks to MSBA for its goal to lead and expose the next generation of sports business …


Day 38: For the Love of the Game

Gray Malias 2017, Blog, Featured

We’ve all heard the phrase “sports are more than just a game.” This timeless mantra has been used to express the idea that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to win streaks, records, or titles. Through MSBA’s programming, my classmates and I have been exposed to different aspects of the sports industry that offer insight into …


Day 37: The Outer Lens

Sofia Bonilla 2017, Blog, Featured

It’s Monday – the start of Week 6 for MSBA 2017 – and I got to MISSION at 9am to start my daily routine of reports and data analytics. Since my last blog was all about MISSION, I will not bore you with all the nerdy stuff I did during my day (like KPIs, inventory turnover and sell-through percentages). Today’s …


Day 36: Internship Extravaganza

Jamy Baron 2017, Blog, Featured

In my first blog post, I covered the work I’m doing at my internship and how enfranchised I feel to be working in an office culture like Foot Locker’s. However, in the last three weeks I have been able to do things very few people have done and have had memorable experiences with my interning peers; while these experiences also …


Day 35: Tour de MSBA

Brett Kornfeld 2017, Blog

Has it been five weeks already? The obvious old cliché that comes to mind is “time flies when you are having fun.” My God have I been having fun. It is foreign to me that a month-and-a-half ago I didn’t know any of the now very close friends I have made through MSBA. Which is what makes a day like …