Day 11: Enjoy the Journey

Jamy Baron 2017, Blog, Featured

I remember how nervous I was when, the day after I interviewed for MSBA, I received an email from Lorne that said, “My colleague Bailey and I would like to further discuss your application for MSBA 2017 via phone.” I thought, “Oh no, what did I do wrong that they need to talk to me again? I blew it.” A few days …


Day 10: Capturing Attention

Mason Darrow 2017, Blog, Featured

Tonight we heard from USA TODAY Sportswriter Nicole Auerbach, who stressed the importance of a strong opening in order to capture the readers’ attention right away. While I initially thought that seemed like a pretty basic journalism concept, I soon realized how that piece of advice related to the larger idea of her presentation: the importance of storytelling. After all, …


Day 9: A Serial Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Success

Gray Malias 2017, Blog, Featured

“What exactly is a ‘serial entrepreneur’?” Half jokingly, my classmates and I were trying to give a summary of Mark French’s bio in the group chat in preparation for tonight’s Speaker Series, with little success in fully capturing the scope of his work. Yet only moments into his presentation, it was immediately clear that our guest for tonight’s Speaker Series …


Day 8: No More Nerves

Malcolm Montilus Blog, Featured

Unlike many of my MSBA classmates, living in New York is not new to me; as an NYU student, I’ve lived in New York for three years now. That being said, like my MSBA classmates, I was both nervous and excited on my first day of the program because I knew the eight weeks ahead of me would truly be …


Day 7: Saturday in the City

Kristin Kawecki 2017, Blog

After a fast paced work week with MSBA programing following our nine-to-five schedules each day, the weekend was long awaited. Waking up Saturday morning with a full New York day ahead of me, it began to set in that this would be my home for the next seven weeks. Being the youngest in the program this summer, I coined the …