Day 14

Day 14: MSG Tour & Long Island Beach

Tee Chayakul 2012, Blog 3674 Comments

It has been two weeks now since the beginning of the Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA) program and it has certainly been a pretty exhilarating experience so far. The program promises an internship in a sport industry, a talk series with prominent sports executives, and interaction with a group of intelligent and driven MSBA colleagues, and it delivers in spade. …

Day 13

Day 13: End of Week 2 and Madison Square Garden Tour

Alexandra Dougherty 2012, Blog Leave a Comment

This morning I took my daily trip to Randall’s island, where I am an intern for the N.Y. Sportimes. The N.Y. Sportimes is a tennis team that is part of World Team Tennis (WTT). As Matt Mascolo mentioned before (he is interning at WTT), WTT is a professional and amateur co-ed tennis league created by Billie Jean King. I have been working …

Day 12

Day 12: Sports All Day

Jacob Rubel 2012, Blog Leave a Comment

I woke up this morning at 6:30 a.m. to go workout downstairs in the basement.   I was tired as always, but even if you are not a workout warrior, working out in the morning, whether by yourself or with friends, makes you feel better the rest of the day.  After working out in the basement, naturally, I turned on ESPN …

Day 11

Day 11: Lou Koskovolis and the Art of Selling

Samson Feldman 2012, Blog 2937 Comments

Finally, the first day of my summer internship at Foxrock Partners, a sports and entertainment marketing consulting firm who works with BBVA on their activation as the official bank of the NBA. I arrived at the office and met the 3 other interns I’ll be working with this summer. I learned that we all happened to be college lacrosse players, …

Day 10

Day 10: A Day of Basketball

Mota El Bawab 2012, Blog 4244 Comments

The best time of the year is by far May-June. School’s out and summer is just beginning, but what is mostly relevant to the MSBA participants is the NBA and NHL Playoffs, the beginning of the MLB Season and the list goes on. But today is different, it’s Game 1 of the most anticipated NBA Finals in history. The two …