Day 36: Personal Growth

Myles Coven 2014 3716 Comments

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This summer has been filled with so many amazing speakers and experiences that it is hard to believe that it’s already halfway over. Today was the Sunday after the Fourth of July and it was a much needed long weekend. Everyone has been working so hard at their internships and enjoying all the amazing speakers we have had that a few days off was perfect. I was fortunate enough to be able to leave the city and go down to Baltimore with some friends from college. It was great to be able to leave the city for a few days and get a chance to relax before the jam-packed few weeks we have left. It gave me a great opportunity to recharge my batteries and refocus myself to make sure I get the most out of the next few weeks. With visits to the NBA and NFL coming up, I couldn’t be more excited for the amazing experiences we still have left.

While it was great to see some friends I had not seen since school got out, it also made me appreciate the great friends and relationships I have made through the program. The people I have met this summer are friends that I will have for a long time. One of my favorite experiences this summer has been hearing from Mark Zablow last week who is also my mentor. I have been fortunate to develop an amazing relationship with Mark. He has helped me not only develop my professional skills but has also helped me grow as a person. He has so many valuable experiences and knowledge and I am incredibly grateful for his willingness to help me become a more complete person. This summer has taught me so much and I am very excited for all of the great experiences still to come.

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