Day 6: Just a Kid From North Dakota

Devon Grenier 2017, Blog

I remember the exact moment I got the call from Bailey and Lorne letting me know I had been accepted into the Manhattan Sports Business Academy. My emotions were running so high that I was speechless to say the least. I was so eager to learn more about this incredible industry while making new friends and life-long connections that I …

Blog5-Kiley (1)

Day 5: Stay Curious

Kiley Burns 2017, Blog

They say curiosity killed the cat, but it might just be my lifeline. On Monday night, we were asked what about this summer most excited us. I received a lot of flack for saying that I just can’t wait to meet people­–on the street, in sports business, wherever (apparently New York is not the best place to go around meeting …


Day 4: The Kickoff

Sawyer Opalich 2017, Blog

There was something special in the air at the Kickoff Celebration. It was hard to tell who was more excited, my MSBA classmates, who all showed up fifteen minutes prior to the start of the event talking about their days and smiling from cheek to cheek about meeting their Mentorship Collectives tonight, or the Mentors, who all slowly arrived to the …

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Day 3: Be Normal

Kaitlin Gascoyne 2017, Blog

“Be normal. You just want more friends, and no one can ever have too many friends.” Making friends? I love making friends! Growing up I was never described as shy; I was always talking – sometimes too much. Until now, I had not really equated making friends with building my professional network. Building a “professional network” seemed so formal, so …


Day 2: The MSBA Way

Ryan Schlaepfer 2017, Blog

Today marks the first day of my internship at LeagueApps. Although I am slightly nervous about starting a new role and figuring out the New York subway system, I am excited about the start of what I am sure will turn out to be a very memorable summer. “I think back to my decision in November to apply to MSBA; …