2016 Blog_Day 51

Day 51: Go After It

Meghan Sessler 2016, Blog, Featured

My entire life I’ve been taught if you want something bad enough, you have to go after it. That’s exactly what 25 of us did. I look around at the room of 24 other MSBA 2016 members, all equally deserving of the seats they occupy, and know that we’re here because we’ve earned this. It’s crazy to think we are …

2016 Blog_Day 50

Day 50: Soaking It In

Quinn Kasal 2016, Blog

It is hard to believe MSBA 2016 is coming to a close. I’m hyped for Commencement, but I’m also certain that as soon as it’s over and we’re really done with MSBA, I’ll miss so many things about the daily routine I take for granted now. Things like arriving at the nightly MSBA event and goofing around with my classmates …

2016 Blog_Day 49

Day 49: Changing the World Through Sport

Will Bubenik 2016, Blog

During the school year, I am fortunate enough to work in my school’s recruiting department. I get to speak routinely in front of up to 250 prospective Sport & Recreation Management students about my personal experiences as well as the benefits of Temple’s program. I speak fondly about my own experience. As the youngest of four siblings in a divorced …

2016 Blog_Day 48

Day 48: Rooftop Vibes

Jamie Horowitz 2016, Blog

As I sat on the rooftop terrace of the MSBA offices, I stared at the New York City skyscrapers that were lighting up the night sky. I entered into a rare moment of reflection in which I tried to think about everything that has happened to me during the last eight weeks. I remembered walking onto the roof of Cogent …

2016 Blog_Day 47

Day 47: Unlimited Potential

Zach Wang 2016, Blog

Before I even applied to this program, I knew I needed to spend one of my college summers in New York. Growing up on the West Coast and being born in Kansas, the East Coast was completely foreign to me. I don’t have any family in New York and most of my friends are from California. MSBA offered me a …