2016 Blog_Day 45

Day 45: Same Theme, Different Dream

George Lemmon 2016, Blog

Becoming a professional athlete was always the dream when I was growing up, but what young athlete doesn’t aspire to that? Every single basketball player has found themselves commentating on their own solo practice saying, “3…2…1….” to simulate the scenario where they’d be playing Game 7 of the NBA Finals with the final shot to win. I slowly came to …

2016 Blog_Day 44

Day 44: New Perspectives

Alex Combs 2016, Blog

It’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said before when the consistency of this program is so strong. Heading guns blazing into the seventh week, I can guarantee that just like the students before us, no one can believe that MSBA 2016 is almost over or even begin to fathom everything we’ve done. Tonight was a wakeup call for …

2016 Blog_Day 43

Day 43: When I See You Again

Sanjit Vallabhaneni 2016, Blog

Today we had the privilege of hearing from Jim Donofrio, VP of Strategic Partnerships for the NBC Sports Group. He spoke to us on a wide array of topics from his role at NBC, including the deals he’s made and tips for aspiring sports business professionals such as ourselves. My biggest takeaway from Jim’s talk was to make relationships as …

2016 Blog_Day 42

Day 42: On These Tracks

Eliza Daniels 2016, Blog

I narrowly miss the aggressively closing doors of the subway and am forced to wait for the next train. Realizing it would be another five more minutes reminded my calves to throb, begging me to take off the heels that bring me back to the days of playing dress up.  When I was five I couldn’t wait until I was grown enough …

2016 Blog_Day 41

Day 41: The Best (and Fastest) Summer of Our Lives

Andy Christensen 2016, Blog

If you ever get the opportunity to be a part of this program, don’t blink. It seems like just yesterday that Ben Sturner, Co-Founder of MSBA, was telling the Class of 2016 on Day 1 that this was going to be the best summer of our lives. He wasn’t wrong. MSBA talks the talk and walks the walk. With 41 …