Day 1: Stepping Up to the Plate

Natalie Pfeifer 2017, Blog

As I peer out the passenger seat window, I begin to see one of the world’s most iconic skylines take shape. The air is thick. It’s summertime in New York City. The city I have dreamt of making my home since middle school is now exactly that. I become flooded with emotions ranging from gratitude to excitement to anxiety about …


Introducing: The MSBA Class of 2017

Bailey Weigel 2017, Blog

We are excited to announce the 25 members of the MSBA Class of 2017: Jamy Baron – Boston University ’18 Sofia Bonilla – University of Southern California ’18 Kiley Burns – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’19 Mason Darrow – Princeton University ’17 Dayna DeBlasi – University of California, Berkeley ’18 Abby Desai – Santa Clara University ’18 …

2016 Blog_Day 55

Day 55: This Beautiful Thing Called Sports

Courtney Chase 2016, Blog

This may be cliché, but I’ll just come out and say it: I can’t believe #MSBA16 has officially come to an end. It’s weird to think that some of the longest, yet most incredible, days of my life have literally gone by in the blink of an eye. When I sat down to write this final blog post for #MSBA16 …

2016 Blog_Day 54

Day 54: I’m Coming Home

Carson Holden 2016, Blog

I cannot believe my eight weeks in New York have come to an end. As I sit on the tarmac (for two hours…), an overwhelming sense of excitement competes with an overwhelming sense of sadness. I cannot wait to be home (if you haven’t noticed, “home” is a big theme for me – if you have questions, see the blog …

2016 Blog_Day 53

Day 53: Thanks for the Memories

Andy Christensen 2016, Blog

What do you call more than 150 of the sports industry’s best and brightest piled into one room? That would be the MSBA 2016 Commencement Celebration, of course. Thursday night was one for the ages. It was a chance to not only reflect on our experiences and accomplishments of the summer, but to soak in what MSBA has really meant …