Day 56: Back in the Game

Morgan Fuller 2017, Blog, Featured

Sports have always fueled me. For 18 years of my life, I saw the world through a basketball-oriented lens. Every goal, every dream, every thought about the future revolved around that one passion. That’s what it was … a passion. Anybody who plays a sport for the pure love of the game knows there is no feeling quite like it. …


Day 55: Spreading the Flame

Natalie Pfeifer 2017, Blog, Featured

My MSBA Certificate of Completion sits proudly atop my fridge; it’s the only piece of decoration up in my new apartment, and it’s just enough to make it feel like home. The same four signatures that graced my initial acceptance letter also validate the bottom of this certificate, and the events that occurred between receiving these two pieces of paper …


Day 54: The MSBA Pro Bowl

Brett Kornfeld 2017, Blog, Featured

Mike Singletary – the Hall of Fame Chicago Bears linebacker – once said, “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” As the MSBA Class of 2017 descended upon The Ainsworth for our Commencement Celebration, our “opportunity to play” was all I could think about. The panels. The Speakers. The companies. The Mentors. …

Day 54

Day 54: The End of the Beginning

Bailey Weigel 2015, Blog, Featured

“It’s easy now for this to feel like the beginning of the end, but soon we will realize that it’s only just the end of the beginning.” Thursday was a night that had been circled on everyone’s calendars for a while – the night of the MSBA Commencement Celebration. For weeks, we’d all been hyping commencement up to be one …