Day 49: The Last Saturday

Matthew Seidmon 2014 2319 Comments

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As I wake up on this Saturday morning, I have only one thought in mind: what a summer it’s been. I know I speak for many people in the program when I say that I can’t believe we’re approaching our last week of MSBA 2014. We have all grown so much in these 8 short weeks. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and relationships that will carry on through our professional careers. I can’t even explain how humbled I am and will continue to be in terms of being a part of such an amazing program.

From South Africa to Canada, California to New Jersey, and ages 19 to 27, the diversity of our program is an integral part to how special MSBA really is. It’s an absolute privilege to share these great experiences with people that I looked at the first week as group members, and who I look at this week as best friends. It has been incredible through and through, and I will cherish this summer forever.

Thinking about the future, I know how much this summer has meant to my growth and maturity in this industry. Being able to network with the professionals that we meet is truly invaluable. The professional development and mentorship aspects of MSBA are absolutely revolutionary. Yes, I said revolutionary. Ben and David have created a platform for college kids like myself to break into an industry that is otherwise very challenging to enter, and for that I am forever grateful.

The night ended with a lot of us meeting up at a bar in Soho – just a great night spent with everybody enjoying some drinks, sharing stories from the summer, and having a grand ole time. These are the things that I will miss most about the program. Of course, the professionals that we have met over the summer have been incredible, and will propel all of our careers to the next level, but the bonds and friendships that we’ve created will always be strong and will never be broken.

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