Day 47: SWERVE

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It’s Day 47, and all I can say is “WOW.” Time is really flying. This amazing summer seems to be getting better every day. Today’s MSBA event might have been the most fun yet. We went to SWERVE, a boutique gym that specializes in endurance fitness via spinning. Not only was tonight another chance to bond with my fellow MSBA classmates through fitness, but our mentors were invited as well. I emailed my mentor, Chris Farrell, to see if he was coming a few days ago and he told me he would be there.

When we met at SWERVE, we were split into three teams: Red, Blue, and Green. At SWERVE, they separate participants into teams to add a competitive aspect to the workout. My mentor and I were placed on the Red team. The spin class itself consisted of loud techno music, standing and sitting jogs, and sprints. During sprints, a team’s average SWERVE score (based on resistance levels and revolutions per minute) was placed on TVs and the winning team at the end of every sprint was rewarded 2 points. Going into the night, I planned to take it easy and not overexert myself, but my competitive nature got the best of me. I found myself going ALL out during sprints. When the spin class was over, the winner was revealed; my team won! Everyone, dripping in sweat, went into the lobby of the building to cool off. We were treated to Muscle Milk and Chia Bars as we chilled out and talked about how much fun we had just had.

This, being my last blog post of the summer, is my final chance to talk about MSBA as a whole. Although it isn’t over yet, I can say that this summer has been my favorite to date. MSBA has been an amazing experience that has actually changed me for the better. Not only have I learned amazing things about the sports business industry, but I’ve also learned amazing things about myself. I’ve learned the value of hard work, networking, and confidence, among many other important lessons of life. My thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone involved with MSBA, from staff to students, mentors to speakers, interns, and everyone in between. I will do everything in my power to stay involved in the program and with everyone I met this summer.

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