Day 46: Life in the Fast Lane

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” Jamie said, ‘You aren’t a good consulting company if the client needs you the way it did six years ago’. This really stood out to me. “

Wednesday was a busy day. But then again, every day is a busy day in New York City.

Thuzio, the start-up that I am interning with, is in the process of expanding into new markets and cities. I have been working closely with the events and marketing managers, and today they were preparing for an executive club event in Philadelphia. The day was a blur, filled with guest names, lists, numbers, data, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

When the day was finally over, I headed over to the Glideslope Office for our Wednesday night speaker series. Glideslope is a global consulting firm that helps prominent companies further their business through sport. The company is comprised of intelligent and forward-thinking professionals who all have a wide range of international knowledge. At the office, we met with Jamie Rocha and Rodrigo Lacal, two associates who work on strategy. Jamie and Rodrigo introduced Glideslope and presented three case studies that allowed us to grasp a better understanding of what the company does. As a consulting company, Glideslope works as a liaison between all of the moving parts that come with the sports industry. The end goal is to increase business development and create a plan for the company to eventually become self-sustainable in the business of sport.

Jamie said, “You aren’t a good consulting company if the client needs you the way it did six years ago”. This really stood out to me.

In the same exact way Glideslope helps its clients develop, MSBA helps its students as well.

From the moment students are accepted into the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, the team works hard to provide the best internship placement, mentor pairing, and networking opportunities to fit each individual. The time and effort that is put in to match and guide students cannot be found anywhere else.

When the program began, I never once felt that I was in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. Ben, David, Lorne, Natalie, Jackie, DP, and Jenna welcomed us all with open arms and made us feel comfortable. They have all guided us and helped us develop as professionals, as students, and as people. This summer, MSBA has been the best catalyst, assistance, and support that I could have asked for. I can comfortably say that when I leave New York in a week, I will be ready to continue working toward my career in the sports industry.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think I can speak for the majority of my class when I say this: MSBA and the people involved have far exceeded my expectations in every way. I can’t express through writing how incredible this opportunity has been and how grateful I am. I have been surrounded by the most hard-working and intelligent individuals I may ever meet, and they have all set aside their own time to help out a small group of young individuals chasing their passions.

Not only am I grateful for the MSBA team, our mentors, and the speakers, but I am also grateful for the students who surround me. I have built some of the most important and meaningful friendships over the last two months that will carry far beyond this program. We are all very different. We all come from different cities, schools, families, cultures, and backgrounds, but it has allowed us to grow and learn from each other. It has allowed us to discover new things, connect on deeper levels, and create lasting relationships.

It is hard to express the significance of this summer to an outsider, and it is hard for an outsider to truly understand the impact this program has made. But, as the summer comes to a close, I can confidentially say this will be one of the most important, life-changing summers that I will have in my entire life.


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