Day 31: The Case Study

Adam Swerdlow 2014 3298 Comments

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Day 31 represents the end of our first full month in MSBA. Where has the time gone? Halfway through an amazing summer I can’t help but reflect on all of the amazing opportunities we’ve been lucky enough to experience, as well as look forward to the opportunities still to come. We got to hear from amazing speakers, visit some of the most important business establishments, had the chance to meet extremely influential people, and best of all, build amazing relationships with fellow sports business enthusiasts. No doubt here, the relationships made this summer are going to last a lifetime.

Today, instead of a speaker we had one our first active workshops. Our job was to come up with a marketing campaign for Spira Footwear. For more information on what Spira Footwear is all about, check out Katie Donnewald’s blog post (

This was the first chance for MSBA students to separate into groups and compete in a business challenge. We were informed that a winner would be crowned so tension was high and egos were bound to clash. We all knew this would be a great learning experience as well as a chance to get a little competitive. My group, which consisted of Jessie, Oruny, Leanne and myself, decided to stand out and do something very different. Our plan was to create a proposal for pitching the health benefits of the shoes to doctors who would in turn recommend them to patients. The catch of the whole activity: we only had an hour and a half to create a deck and be ready for a five-minute presentation.

I can’t give away all the details of our project, but overall I’d say it was successful in two ways: one, we are definitely in the running to win; and two, I learned how to form a proposal and conduct all of the research that goes into making a pitch. I also learned how to get work done with a very narrow deadline.

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