Day 28: My Calling

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Friday was a phenomenal day! MSBA participants were given the opportunity to meet individuals from various departments within the industry. Our first stop was the Brooklyn Nets Corporate Office. This is where we spoke with executives from legal, merchandising, public relations, and corporate sponsorship departments. Our second stop was Carrot Creative to visit Alec Coughlin, VP Business Development, who spoke to us earlier in the program. Carrot Creative is a full-service media agency with a mission of bringing people closer to the brands they love. They pride themselves on being leaders, innovators and teachers of the industry. Actively learning and thinking outside the box is definitely something they do on a daily basis and a must when it comes to social media and branding.

Upon arrival, we were amazed by the open floor format and breathtaking views of the office, which is located in DUMBO (Directly Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Alec opened my eyes to the world of marketing, branding and advertising. From the beginning of MSBA, I had an idea of where I wanted to be, but definitely wanted to keep my options open. As any young professional trying to break into sports, your main goal is to network and find your calling. Thanks to Alec, after three weeks, I can honestly say that I have finally found my calling and know exactly where I want/need to be (anyone who knows me can understand that this revelation is an incredible feeling). This is exactly what being a part of MSBA is all about. Field trips like this are once in a lifetime and can truly shape your future. Throughout this journey, I have learned that it is these priceless experiences that help you find yourself. Although MSBA will afford you these experiences, it is up to you to take what you have been given and use it to your advantage.

To end the evening, Alec kindly invited a few members of MSBA out for dinner and an unforgettable walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Talk about priceless experiences, this is one that I will never forget. Thank you Carrot Creative and Alec Coughlin for inspiring me to follow my dreams and pursue the path that I was set out to explore!

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