Day 21: Getting My Feet Wet

Kahlil Keys 2014 1199 Comments

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“Find a craft that calls to your soul and devote 100% of yourself.”

As the third week came to a close, it became apparent that I was getting the experience of a lifetime through MSBA. This week in my internship at Leverage Agency, I made meaningful contributions in important meetings, created PowerPoint presentations for potential sponsors, and spoke directly to executives of Fortune 500 companies. I am truly starting to feel like an integral part of the team!

In our weekly speaker series, the message that resonated with me the most was to determine and pursue what I am most passionate about, or, in the words of our guest speaker, Eugene Lee, “find a craft that calls to your soul and devote 100% of yourself.” It has been truly inspiring hearing this advice from successful leaders in the sports business industry. With the connections I have made through MSBA, I feel that my career goals can be achieved through hard work and persistence.

With that being said, the most memorable part of my week was building close relationships with my peers. Whether we were playing pickup basketball, getting a meal together after work, or simply relaxing in the park, we have all been able to build a close bond through our love for sports and our unrelenting drive to succeed.

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