Day 19: Nose to the Grindstone

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We’re not yet two-and-a-half weeks through MSBA 2014 and our group has gotten to experience an amazing amount of ‘firsts’. Personally, I attended my first MLB game at Yankee Stadium, first trip to MSG, first time at a professional horse race (The Belmont!!), and I could go on and on. There really is no way to put into words the value of the opportunities we’ve been afforded.

What has resonated with me, though, after these two weeks, is the emphasis that is placed on work ethic. Whether it is from our mentors, speakers, or Ben and the MSBA team, it is stressed over and over again. Along with that, I have noticed a shift in attitude of the MSBA family. The late nights on weekdays have lessened, the hours spent at work have increased, and the exhaustion is readily visible on everyone’s face as we reconvene back at the dorm each night. Everyone is busting their butts to make an impact with their respective organizations, and it’s great to see. Personally, it only motivates me more to see my peers working as hard as they are, and it makes it that much easier to wake up with the sun every morning to get after it once again. (Not to say that we all aren’t still making the most of living in NYC!)

There is no shortage of fun being had and memories being made. However, between Monday and Friday, there is a greater sense of meaning and professionalism that is definitely infectious within the group. As our speaker last night (NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor Eugene Lee) said, “work hard, work smart, and keep your nose to the grindstone and you will be successful.” With the work ethic in this group of people, there are no ceilings, and the potential for success will undoubtedly become a reality very soon.

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