Day 8: My Full-Circle Experience

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Ending my first week with MSBA gave me some time to reflect on this incredible life decision. As I drove home from NJ from my sister’s graduation party, I thought about my internship with Cirrus Fitness. I thought about the networking and speaker series I would participate in with MSBA. Along with the relationships I would build with my MSBA classmates, I came to the conclusion that I could not have made a better decision.

My summer experience with MSBA would be considered ‘off the beaten path’ to some in my future profession. Ending my first year of law school at Pace, I had two options: I could choose the standard law student route, and clerk for a judge or law firm. (this would be the more popular option among family, friends, and classmates) or make an investment in my future and join MSBA.

I learned about MSBA at a law symposium at New York Law School. Mr. Sturner’s bio page we received had mentioned MSBA, so I decided to do some research. It seemed like a great opportunity and I applied. I received a call from Lorne some weeks later for an interview. After speaking with Lorne I was confident about my standing with MSBA and was very excited for an opportunity to join. A few weeks later I received a call from Lorne and David Oestreicher. They told me that I was accepted into MSBA and about what was in store for the summer. I got off the phone, shouted in excitement, and did a Tiger Woods fist pump. I find having to prove myself more than most in life. MSBA would be giving me an opportunity to show my skills as a leader, networker, and passionate sports businessman.

The whole first week of MSBA was great, and proved that I had made the right choice. My internship with Cirrus Fitness is challenging, and gives me a lot of great opportunities to work with a start up, while allowing me to be more hands on then most other internships. I met with the president of the company for breakfast and received an energizing speech. My first week’s tasks included working with Amazon to enhance and clean up our products page. The first event at the Yankee game was excellent as well. We were given a chance to meet our mentors for the summer, and I could not have been paired with a better person. Mr. Torres is a lawyer, and works in the world of boxing as well. We had a nice talk about my interest, future plans, and I look forward to picking his brain as the time goes on. I was also fortunate enough to converse with two other mentors while at the Yankee game, Dan Asip and Peter Aiello. We got to hear Lewis Howes, Frank Supovitz, and Mr. Sturner give valuable insight and knowledge into the sports world, in their respective areas. Then came the trip to MSG aka “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” We took an amazing tour, exploring every part of The Garden. From suits that cost over $1 million, to the new sky walk, which my dad helped build. (Nice job Pops)

Along came Sunday. Sunday’s speaker series was particularly interesting to me. Yes, it is nice to meet the most famous people in sports, but what I want to know is, “what is being apart of MSBA going to do for me when I apply for a job in sports?” The alumni from the class of 2012 came back to talk with us. Samson Feldman, Lucas Biebelberg, Matt Mascolo, and Lorne gave us amazing information about what to expect. Lucas spoke about choosing MSBA over going to law school, and what his internship led to after his time at MSBA. Lucas also spoke about reaching out to people in the industry to ask them questions and network. I’m sure a bunch of sports executives received a few LinkedIn requests and random emails Sunday night (haha). Samson spoke about how the speaker series opened his eyes to different opportunities in sports. He also spoke about his fear of not knowing what would arise after MSBA. That thought process is the same as most of the students at MSBA. Luckily for me, I have two more years at Pace before I have to sweat getting a job. Matt discussed how networking was the most important part for him. He also spoke about taking a huge risk with MSBA since it was the inaugural class, and there was no foundation for them to stand upon. Lorne spoke about how he came to be at MSBA, and the path he took to get where he is today. He stressed the importance of the other three’s contributions. We also heard some great extracurricular stories about that summer (that I won’t mention on here).

I have to say that after the alumni reassured us that MSBA was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I felt better about the prospects of using MSBA as a tool to advance myself to my goal of being in the ’30 Under 30’ in sports. I believe in MSBA, and this opportunity is once in a lifetime.

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