Day 7: Week 1 Lessons

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As week one comes to an end, I can already look back and say I have learned so much. It is crazy to think that I have seven more weeks of this! I think everyone is really starting to bond with one another and it seems as if the comfort level among us is very high. I never thought that we would all be this close so quickly. I am really looking forward to hanging out with everyone for the rest of the summer.

The first week gave us so many learning points to help us throughout the program. Our inaugural speaker was Lewis Howes. Lewis has an incredible background of breaking NCAA records, participating in the Pan-American games, and writing multiple books, all while maintaining his entrepreneurial endeavors. What really resonated with me was the passion with which he spoke. It was easy to recognize that he truly cared about his involvements. In addition, I could really tell that he wanted to be there with us, sharing his stories. Hearing from someone that really wants to speak to you makes it that much more enjoyable. I definitely took away the concept of being passionate about your work. “If you are able to find something that you believe in, you will be even more successful. “

Our second guest speaker of the week was Frank Supovitz. Frank is the Senior Vice President of Events for the NFL. Frank is the mastermind behind events such as the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and NFL Draft. He was kind enough to take on the challenge of talking to us about the blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. After hearing about how calm and prepared he was during the entire ordeal, I learned how vital organization is in the industry. He also shared with us that the lights were actually on in a shorter time than the delay, however, other systems like video replay were not. When he said it was worth waiting another 10 minutes to make sure the Super Bowl wasn’t decided on a controversial call, I couldn’t have agreed more. That was just one of many things I learned from Frank during his time with us.

Through one week, I already feel as though my sport management knowledge has sky-rocketed and I can’t even imagine how much more I am going to learn here at MSBA. It’s going to be one sweet summer!

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