Day 4: The Speaker Series Begins

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Wednesday was the night of our first speaker series. We had the pleasure of hearing from Frank Supovitz, Senior VP of Events for the NFL. As impressive as that title is alone, his resume speaks even greater volumes. Frank used to work for the NHL, where he also oversaw events. Frank has organized such events as the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NFL Kickoff, the NFL International Series, and the NFL draft. We also learned that Frank was actually planning on retiring from the NFL this year to start his own events consulting company.

Frank gave our MSBA class lots of great advice for rising sports business students looking for jobs or internships. He spoke a lot about the importance of knowledge and learning at every position in every job. “Always strive to be the person that does jobs that aren’t meant for anyone specific.” This quote from Frank really resonated well with me. By this, Frank meant that when something comes up that needs to be done and it’s no one’s job to do it, you should pick it up. You should take these jobs not only to get it done, but also to use it as a learning experience. Every experience in a field of work is beneficial for learning how success is achieved in an organization. The concept of learning was a reoccurring theme underlying everything Frank talked about.

Today, I also worked at my internship for Cogent Entertainment Marketing. So far I’ve only worked for 3 days so I’m still learning the ropes but I’m definitely gaining more knowledge each day. I am definitely going to use Frank’s advice about doing any work you can to learn. This is going to be my motivation moving forward in my internship and in every future job that I will have in my life.

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