Day 43: MSBA Team Descends On Brooklyn For MLB All-Star 5K

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Post by Alexandria Bernard for July 14, 2013

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This past Saturday morning, thousands of runners of all ages descended on Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to participate in the MLB All-Star 5K Benefiting Sandy Relief.

Individuals could either participate in the 3.1 mile run or the 1.5 mile fun run to show support and raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Our day started at 5:30 a.m. as I met up with other members of MSBA to go run. It was cold and rainy that morning, and I was tempted to hit snooze on my alarm.

Knowing my efforts that day were for a greater cause helped me get out of bed and realize that the rainy morning was going to turn into a good day.

Our team arrived in Brooklyn at 7 a.m. The energy from others at the park brought life into the otherwise cloudy atmosphere. The race began at 8 a.m. and our team was at the starting line together. At the beginning of the race we ran by mascots and baseball legends. As soon as we got to the 1 mile check point everyone was displaced among the crowd. I chose to run the 3.1 mile-long race and, as I was running, people lined around the course cheering and clapping for various runners. It made me proud to participate in an event in support of a worthy cause. Passing the finish line felt like an accomplishment that went beyond just running a race.

After the race, our team met back together and enjoyed the post-race festivities. Nike had a booth playing music and encouraging dance offs while Kellogg’s was passing out nutrition bars as the announcers declared the male and female winners of the race. Afterwards, MSBA Co-Founder Ben Sturner took the group to Doughnuts and Diner Café for a quick meal. There we had a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

The laughs did not end there. As we were leaving Brooklyn, Ben was late to the subway and the doors closed before he could make it onto the train. Rather than simply wait for the next train, Ben decided to run alongside the train for what felt like forever. It may be a “you had to be there” moment, but it was very funny and I wish I had my camera ready to capture the moment. We all laughed for five minutes nonstop at Ben running while we were on the train. Though I was unable to capture a picture of Ben’s face while he was chasing our train, I will remember that day as a great time with my fellow MSBA members, the chance to support a worthy cause, and the opportunity to fit in a morning workout! It’s a good thing that the rain and cold did not prevent me from having a fulfilling and unforgettable day.

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