Day 41: The Adventure Continues at NFL League Offices, Yankee Stadium

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I can safely speak for many of my classmates that today was the best day of our MSBA summer so far. As a group, we experienced something many people can only dream of and enjoyed every second of it. Today was a pure example of why we all were interested in starting this adventure six weeks ago.

It was truly an aspiring sports business professional’s dream. After the workday concluded, we all made our way to the National Football League’s headquarters for a private tour of their offices on Park Avenue. Just walking into their beautiful man cave of a lobby was worth the trip.

Their headquarters gave of us all chills as we reflected on all of the significant business that has taken place in the conference rooms. We had incredibly intriguing discussions with some of the brightest leaders that the NFL has to offer. Chris Parsons, Vice President of International, Peter O’Reilly, Vice President of Fan Strategy, and Mark Waller, Chief Marketing Officer, were all very honest and open with their talks and answers to our questions. We learned a lot regarding marketing techniques, short term and long-term strategies, and potential international expansion ideas. We were all very involved and hanging onto every word. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and it was only made possible because of my involvement with MSBA.

The NFL experience alone was thrilling enough for one day but things just kept getting better. Our next stop was Yankee Stadium where we met Jose Duverge, Premium Sales and Service Specialist, who gave us an exclusive tour of Monument Park and the New York Yankees Museum. Not only was Mr. Duverge kind enough to show us around Yankee Stadium but he also set our entire group up with great Yankees’ seats later that night. We had a blast at the game, and it was a great bonding experience for the entire program. It was an extremely eventful and rewarding day. Once again, MSBA has created a memory and experience that I’ll remember and reflect on forever.

Although the summer is winding down and we approach the two-week warning, there is still plenty of time to make the most out of the time we have left. I know the last two weeks will be busy, exciting, and eventually emotional. I personally have had the best summer of my life and know many of my classmates and friends feel the same way. After days like today with incredible experiences with the NFL and New York Yankees, I wish the summer would never end. In the words of one of our guest speakers, Ed Tseng, after this summer there will be no reason for any of us to walk ever again because now we all know how to fly.

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