Day 40: Thursday Field Trip to Brooklyn, High School of Sports Management

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Post by Cam Cullman for July 11, 2013

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This past Thursday was a jam-packed day here at the MSBA. The day started with our regular internship placements and then half of our group traveled to Brooklyn to the High School of Sports Management to speak to their incoming freshman class.

We spoke to about 25 students and shared our stories about how we ended up on a career path towards sports business.

The students asked many insightful questions and listened intently, something I’m not sure I would have been capable of during summer school before high school.

It was nice to mentor these students and pass on the favor, having mentors ourselves in the sports business world through our program. Another group of students will head back to the HSSM next week to continue our mentorship. That night we were lucky enough to hear from our own David Oestreicher, Co-Founder of MSBA. David shared his story, starting with is his passion for basketball and experience after almost playing for IU’s basketball team, and his vow to succeed in the classroom in one of the hardest business tracks Indiana offered.

He then told us his personal story and his career choices, starting at Octagon, then at American Collegiate Intramural Sports, the NBA as a Global Business Developer, and now as a consultant on brand and property development. David explained all of his decisions and injected advice for us at every turning point, giving our group an amazing story of growing up with his father and brother-in-law while he pursued his passion in the ever-changing world of sports business.

The best part of David’s talk, though, was how he talked to us. It was not a lecture, or speech of some sort. It was a story followed by a conversation, showing that he was talking to us purely to help us along our journey. It was appreciated by the whole group. There are only a few more weeks left here at MSBA, and we all look forward to finishing strong and taking advantage of every last opportunity.

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