Day 35: A Saturday For Relaxation

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As the title of this post suggests, we had nothing scheduled this past Saturday, one of the few days in what has been a jam-packed and eventful summer.

This weekend happens to follow July 4th so many people go away and use this opportunity to relax with family and friends. Others use the opportunity to explore the streets in NYC and visit all the sites they have been wishing to see.

For me, having grown up in NYC, I wanted to take this time to write about some great places in NYC that are not known to everyone.

I want to start out with a place right by our MSBA Dorms on 92ndst and 1st avenue called Blue Moon Deli. There is one item that is not on their menu, but it is so greasy and delicious that even Darren Rovell might tweet about it. The Chopped Cheese is one of the most delicious and affordable sandwiches there is. Consisting of a bunch of chopped up burger meat and some delicious American cheese, this sandwich is sure to not disappoint. For the extra hungry people out there make it a double!

The next place I want to salivate over is on 53rd and 6th Avenue, known as The Halal Guys. Some MSBA members were there just a few weeks ago but for those who weren’t, you were surely missing out. There are thousands of Halal stands in NYC and a couple even across the street from this famous location but for some reason this place is the only one with a line halfway down the block. I don’t know if it’s the chicken, the lamb, the rice or the sauces but one of those ingredients makes this the best tasting Halal in NYC. The platter is huge, and their t-shirts are awesome. The Halal Guys did a wonderful job of branding themselves to differentiate from all other vendors in NYC. I highly recommend the white sauce and barbeque sauce.

If the disgusting but delicious food above doesn’t do it for you then how about some great summer basketball? Head down to Baruch College to watch some great basketball games in a league known as Pro City. Twice a week, this venue features a crazy crowd and sometimes some NBA superstars. Last year, I went and saw Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest. Thankfully he didn’t come into the crowd throwing punches. The city is a great place with many wonderful places, but it’s up to you to find them!

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