Day 18: A Chat with Featured Speaker, Andy Krafsur, CEO of Spira Footwear

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We are already cruising through Week 3 but it feels like just yesterday that we were all moving into the dorms to begin the best summer of our lives. For the most part, we have adjusted to the hustle and bustle of the New York City lifestyle. We have also comfortable with our internships after a small adjustment period.

My internship is with Platinum Rye Entertainment, where I work as Marketing Research Intern for the Sports Department. Platinum Rye is a talent procurement agency that works to broker sponsorship and endorsement deals between many Fortune 500 companies and celebrities, athletes, models, and entertainers.

With nine offices located around the globe, Platinum Rye Entertainment is the world’s largest broker of celebrity talent, models, recording artists, sports figures, and other celebrities for advertising campaigns and public relations events, according to Forbes magazine.

Sine I’m in the sports department, I specifically work to help broker deals between brands and professional athletes. This internship is everything I could have hoped for and more. On any given day, I could be listening in on calls between my bosses and a premier professional athlete’s agent. Some days I can even sit in on face-to-face meetings between clients and Platinum Rye. This past week, I conducted research to help identify a potential match for a very well-known brand and a professional basketball player. All of the projects I work on are confidential in nature but keep your eyes peeled to the television this summer and you may be able to pick up on who I am talking about!

On Wednesday, the work day at Platinum Rye wrapped up around 5:00 p.m., and I made the easy 20 minute subway commute back to the EHS dorms to prepare for the Featured Speaker of the night. We had the amazing opportunity to hear Andy Krafsur speak. Mr. Krafsur is the President and Founder of Spira Footwear. Spira is an up-and-coming footwear company that is very unique due to its patented “WaveSpring” technology that no other competitor has. Wavespring is a laterally stable, lightweight and compact spring that not only cushions but manages energy return better than traditional midsole materials. This results in far less strain on the body, reduced recovery time, and injury prevention. I highly recommend checking out his website and getting yourself a pair of Spira’s.

If you are interested and want to learn more about Spira check out their website. I also want to take this time to thank Mr. Krafsur on behalf of the MSBA team being a sponsor to the program and providing all of us with a pair of Spira’s to try for ourselves. The shoes are great for all occasions, whether it be a jog through Central Park or a stroll down the streets of New York City. So far this summer has lived up to and far exceeded any expectations I had; I can’t wait to see what the remaining five weeks has in store.

Thanks again to Spira Footwear’s Andy Krafsur. @goMSBA is proud supporter of your innovative shoes! #MSBA13
— Myles J. Robinson (@mylesjrobinson) June 20, 2013

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