Day 10: The Future is Yours to Create

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As the MSBA class of 2013 enters our second week, I can’t help but feel as though we’ve already had an entire summer’s worth of memorable experiences.

The array of talented people we’ve been fortunate enough to meet in this first week has been both enlightening and inspiring.

It’s hard to believe that this is only the beginning of our adventure, and I’m excited to say the least about what lies ahead. Ben Sturner, David Oestreicher and the entire MSBA staff have done an incredible job in their preparation to make this a summer of a lifetime and I’m incredibly thankful to have the opportunity in front of me.

Now it’s about making the most of each and every experience, and I know that we are all well of our way. In listening to the various guest speakers we’ve had, I’ve found all of their stories to be fascinating. Whether it was Mark Holtzman describing the risk he took by joining an obscure company called Reebok or Bill Smith revealing that his first big break came through a chance encounter in a Men’s room at Giants Stadium, they all had amazing stories! On one hand their stories came as a relief, as I’ve realized that although the paths to success can be winding and often times unpredictable, they can come from many directions.

On the other it got me thinking — how will my story unfold? Part of the challenge of life is that one can never know how things will turn out. However, when you look at what every speaker shares in common — the characteristics of passion and perseverance — you can see that these qualities are essential in each success story and hopefully will contribute to mine as well. My favorite MSBA experience thus far had to be the event “Brooklyn Changes the World” at MCU Park. It was incredible to be a part of the collaboration between MSBA and the High School of Sports Management, along with award-winning author Gina Otto and sport’s analyst Adam Shefter, each motivating all of us to make a difference in the world.

This event was also the first time I was able to meet my mentor, Jose Duverge, and he has inspired me with his words, “the future is yours to create”. To say that my first trip to Coney Island was a memorable one would be an understatement, as I look forward to the many meaningful experiences that are to come.

I’ve spoken about stories and experiences, but equally as important are the relationships we make. It’s been a privilege to meet so many people that I admire and respect. Already in such a short period of time, I know that I’m forging long-lasting relationships. This is only week two in NYC, but I can feel something special developing here and I’m eager to improve myself personally and professionally with the rest of my MSBA team.

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