Day 4: A Look At Fireworks Sports and Entertainment

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MSBA provides a wonderful opportunity for us to obtain high profile internships that are custom fit for each of us.

Being involved in the figure skating world for 15 years, I obviously have a passion for the sport.

I was placed in an internship at Fireworks Sports and Entertainment, which is directly in-line with my career goals.

The experience gives me upfront learning from how to correctly market an Olympic athlete to composing letters requesting sponsorship from a Sporting goods company. My daily routine provides lots of interactions with clients. I’m really understanding the sport from a different perspective through research and handling a skater’s background.

If I was reading an article on the web or in a magazine, I would think it was simple to write. Yet, it is not as easy as it appears. I am learning alongside people that have been exposed to the business of marketing athletes for numerous years. They know the right style to catch the attention of the company representative.

“You have to have chutzpah to make it in sports.” Mark Holtzman exec director non baseball mktg @ New York Yankees…
— MSBA (@goMSBA) June 5, 2013

Social media is so important in business, and I was asked to conduct research and analyze the statistics of high profile figure skaters on various sites. Through understanding these statistics, we can use them to analyze our business and potential for growth. By understanding what the fans are interested in, the agency can have the best interests of the fans in mind. It was very interesting working behind the desk instead of being on the ice. You really start to understand that is not just about having the skater landing the perfect jump but having an agency at their back. Working with the athlete is an interesting process that I knew was going to be a challenge but also enjoyable.

@gomsba 1st week almost over. Biggest surprise: how uniquely genuine everyone is. Incredible people destined for #sportsbiz success! #MSBA13
— Myles J. Robinson (@mylesjrobinson) June 6, 2013

The agency keeps the athlete engaged with their audience while ensuring they have an impeccable representation. Learning from the experience of a well-recognized agency in the figure skating world is truly a unique opportunity. I have been seeing that there are many great aspects of a great agency and to make a successful one takes a great deal of work. I am fully enjoying every minute at the agency.

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