Day 37: Closing Thoughts

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Our last week of MSBA was busy to say the least.  As we made final changes to our Think Tank presentations, I was also finishing up projects at work and tying up loose ends.  It was scary to think that once my internship was over, I’d have to start working the post-internship checklist (which no one ever wants to do).  But as intimidating as it is to become a professional, MSBA has been able to give me a leg up and prepare me for the real world.

Our Wednesday (7/25) presentation night was fun, and all 4 groups (Fila, Gatorade, Deuce brand, Mission AthleteCare) had awesome ideas to bring to the table – however in the end Team Mission emerged victorious (we were told Think Tank bragging rights last forever – thank goodness).  Our mentors also came to support us, which is awesome!  On Friday – sadly the last day of MSBA – we met at Brother Jimmy’s for our closing ceremony (also during the opening ceremony of the Olympics).  There were a lot of emotions flying around but I think at the end all of us had a great time (I’m still loving that Samson got the award for best hair).

I’ve learned so much over the past 8 weeks, both about the sports business industry, and about myself.  One thing that’s great is that these experiences have taught me what I like and don’t like, which is half the battle when you’re pursuing a career in a field you have very little background with.  I hope that one day I’ll be able to have a job that I love enough to no longer consider it work (even if it doesn’t pay that much).
Corny as it sounds, I like making new friends, and for me, being able to create those relationships through MSBA is almost better than all the speakers we listened to, or the networking we did.  They always say “friendships last a lifetime,” so honestly there is nothing better than the fact that I can call myself a member of MSBA’s inaugural class of 2012.
And of course, huge thanks should be given to the MSBA team: Ben, David, Brandon, Mech, Rachel, MB, and all the mentors.  None of this could have happened without them, and they worked so hard to create the best program possible for us.  It definitely wasn’t easy to start something like this, so we appreciate all they did to give us the opportunities!

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