Day 34: One More Week and an Afternoon at FILA

Tee Chayakul 2012 2 Comments

We are now coming up to the last week of the MSBA program and an internship for me with Ben at Leverage. I have really enjoyed my experience here and it has been fascinating how my works seem to have 3 distinct phases to it. The first third of the program I focused quite a lot on sponsorship sales; making presentations, sitting in calls. Then Calisthenics came and Josh and I suddenly were working full time on a essentially a start up initiative, in everything from finance and accounting to event management. The past few weeks, I have shifted gear more onto different project works, including how Leverage can ‘leverage’ its intellectual capital and form a consulting practice. It has definitely been a very fun journey and I have learnt a great deal, both in sales, start-up management and marketing.

This Friday is also the last in the office visit series. Our FILA partners were kind enough to invite us to the FILA headquarters and gave us a lot of fascinating talks around both the marketing and design aspects of the brand.First up, Jennifer Estabrook, Executive Vice President of Business Operations, talked to us about her journey from the law world into marketing. It shows me that even if you have not learnt marketing before, as long as you have creativity and work ethics, you can make it in the industry. Afterwards, Mark Eggert, FILA’s VP of Footwear Design & Advanced Concept, gave us a very unique look into the design and development world. We have never had any speakers on this before so it is fun to pick his brain on the creative and design process of producing a shoes we see in stores. Lastly, Marjorie Levy, VP of Social Media, gave us a very interactive session on the social media initiatives at FILA and she even asked us feedbacks and opinions about her next campaign she is planning!In the evening, Ben invited me and a few of us to his apartment for a very nice dinner. Thank you Ben and Kim for being amazing hosts. It was a nice end to a very productive day!The last week should prove to be very busy as I am finishing off a few projects for Leverage and also preparing for the group project presentation this coming Wednesday. This last seven weeks have really flown by and I will be sad to leave the program and everyone I have met at the end of the week.

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