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Coming from Brazil, I never got the chance to follow American Football. Maybe it’s because it was never broadcasted in our region, or maybe the Super Bowl was during Carnival Week, or maybe Brazilians like the football played with their feet. Regardless, this was, by far, one of the most interesting visits we have had here with MSBA. From industry insights to marketing which reminded me a lot of my classes at Concordia University, wait but I just graduated!! Doesn’t matter, you are always learning with MSBA.

From the moment we walked into the office, we were already pumped up from the Gigantic HD Screen showing the best highlights of the past season. Maybe one day I’ll have one of those at home ;). It was definitely a “Wow” factor seeing the trophies, but what was more amazing was seeing all those Championship Rings. From someone who isn’t from the country I certainly felt the history and the tradition of football.

As we sat in the prestigious conference room, which isn’t your average size conference room (Just WOW!) we were welcomed with caps from our favorite NFL teams, which was pretty cool. This definitely set the tone of the visit from beginning to end as everyone was discussing NFL draft picks or who is going to win the Super Bowl next season.

The panel was most certainly instructive as we heard the presentations about how the vision of Commissioner Roger Goodell transcends to all the departments. Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Waller gave us a bit of an overview of what is NFL and what it represents to all its fans. To add more to that, Peter O’Reilly talked about the methods the NFL uses to keep fans hungry for more Football! Last but not least, Chris Parsons discussed how the NFL tries to attract guys like me, not tall, but international viewers, to watch the game.

All of the speakers were really awesome and knowledgeable about the growth of the game and keeping it genuine. There is no doubt in my mind that the NFL is a great organization to strive for and take it as a model for anything you are about to do.

Hut! Hut! Hike!

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