Day 25: Approaching the Halfway Point

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We are almost four weeks into the MSBA program and this post will serve as a reflection on our time so far, as well as looking forward to the next month in New York. Thursday, we had a much needed night off from the knowledgeable and accomplished speakers that Ben and his team have set up for us this summer. It just so happened that the NBA Draft aired on Thursday. Many of us sat around and watched as kids our age and younger become millionaires on national television. I had some stake in the draft because I started a blog this past Monday (ironically, right before Lewis Howes told us we should have a blog) that primarily focuses on rookies entering the NBA and their journey through camp, summer league, the regular season, and the playoffs. I will now take this opportunity to shamelessly plug in my blog, which is called The 61st Pick. Self-promotion at its finest.

On to the reflection aspect of this post. I have learned a lot thus far and still feel like I do not know much about the sports industry. That is no fault to MSBA. Actually, it is a compliment to the guidance I have received. Learning about the industry has taught me that you need to remain hungry (in any occupation you have to) and curious. I have learned to keep pushing and driving towards goals no matter what you have already accomplished. Our well-established speakers have made that very clear. We have had a great variety of speakers who specialize in anything from talent management to corporate sales. We also have had a number of panels including lawyers, public relations professionals, and the great people at Madison Square Garden who let us view some of their great upcoming renovations. In four short weeks, the access we have received to some of the sports industry’s brightest professionals has been a wonderful experience.
MSBA has also set up a great mentorship program for us where we have the opportunity to connect with people in the sports industry. My mentor, Wes Harris, has been a big help in determining goals for my internship. I was the type of person who never layed out specific goals, but the more I think of what I want to accomplish this summer, the more it becomes evident how crucial goal setting is in a career. Wes has been a great mentor and is always available to talk despite being very busy with his own career at Five Star Basketball. Also, I have the opportunity to be on the other side of the mentorship process. MSBA has a partnership with the High School of Sports Management (HSSM) in Brooklyn, which allows us to mentor teenagers who are interested in sports. My mentee, Jurgen, is a big German soccer fan and a New York Knicks fan (as am I). I hope to be in contact with him in the future and learn more about him.

In terms of my internship, I am learning bits about how a small league sustains itself. World Team Tennis is unique in the way it operates with its’ players and schedule. It is a true testament to tennis fans that this league has existed for 37 years, as many small sports leagues have failed. I serve as a public and media relations intern for the company. I work on press releases, social media, and blogging, as well as any other area that I can help with. WTT and MSBA have allowed me to focus in on public and media relations as something I could see myself doing for a career. Of course, I want to continue learning from WTT and all of our remaining speakers at MSBA about their experiences with the business and I am looking forward to the next four weeks.

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