Day 15: New Internships and Mark Zablow

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After a pretty hectic first week in NYC, I have finally settled in with the MSBA schedule. Graduating on June 9 and flying into JFK on the 10th, I started work last Tuesday with my head still spinning from all the changes taking place. I have been fortunate enough to be able to work for two sporting properties, Basketball City and American Youth Football. Basketball City is a brand new, $13 million dollar facility located on the Lower East Side, on Pier 36. Amidst controversy stemming from community concerns, and countless delays on the overall construction of the facility, the 65,000 sq. foot complex finally opened its doors on June 8th with over 100 kids from local schools and elected officials in attendance for the celebration. With 7 full-size basketball courts, a promenade overlooking the East River, a bar, and a restaurant, Basketball City represents more than just a sports complex. Working with Basketball City allows me the opportunity to garner brand new sponsorships and assist in business development for a facility that is bound to flourish.
Most of my time spent in MSBA has been working alongside the team at American Youth Football (AYF). AYF represents the largest youth football and cheerleading organization in the world, with close to a million members across all 50 states. AYF was established to promote the wholesome development of the youth, encourage good sportsmanship, and develop a program that was all-inclusive regardless of superficial factors (such as weight, or athletic ability). I have been assisting in the development of their social media sphere, as well as continuing to improve their outreach to all the members of the program, both players and coaches. We are currently seeking a potential to provide live-streaming of the football games, as well as searching for more sponsors who share our passion in youth athletics and development.
Last night, as part of our speaker series, we had the opportunity to meet Mark Zablow, Senior Director of Marketing at Platinum Rye. A graduate of Adelphi University, Mark provided a down-to-earth, straight-forward account of his rise to success. Having negotiated over 1,000 endorsement deals, Mark stressed the importance of building trust with clients, getting on a more personal level with individuals, and letting the business aspects follow suit. Mark revealed that he was, “Not scared to start over,” and that humbling oneself will go a long way in an industry that is full of ego. Always quick to crack a joke, he expressed the importance of a little fun and enjoying the perks and excitement that come with an industry built around entertainment and celebrities. Yet, he made sure to share his passion for self-improvement. An avid reader, Mark said, “Knowledge is king,” and encouraged everyone present to constantly seek a greater understanding of whatever industry we choose in the end.
Overall, I could not have asked for a more exciting, enthusiastic, and enlightening first week at MSBA. I’m looking forward to whatever challenges I face down the road, but will always remember to find time for a little fun in the weeks to come.

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