Day 11: Lou Koskovolis and the Art of Selling

Samson Feldman 2012 2937 Comments

Finally, the first day of my summer internship at Foxrock Partners, a sports and entertainment marketing consulting firm who works with BBVA on their activation as the official bank of the NBA. I arrived at the office and met the 3 other interns I’ll be working with this summer. I learned that we all happened to be college lacrosse players, which at first I thought was a coincidence, but then I found out that the CEO and a few of the employees also played lacrosse, so it made sense. I was then welcomed and introduced to Margaret Rose and Matt Ferrer who are handling the summer internship program. They gave us a folder containing an overview of the program and assignments. I then met Peter Farnsworth who is the CEO of the company. He talked about his background and vision for the company. We then had an office lunch with great pizza pies from Rubirosa, which was then followed by an icebreaker game called 2 Truths and a Lie, in which one person says 2 truths and a lie and everyone has to guess which is the lie. After our break, we had every employee give overviews of their accounts. I got to meet the BBVA team and learn more about the company’s other lines of business and clients.

After work, I headed up to Leverage Agency and had the privilege to listen to Lou Koskovolis, SVP of Corporate Sales & Sponsorship at MLB Properties. We had an open discussion on sales, which started with everyone introducing themselves. He gave a great presentation that started with talking about the attributes of a successful salesperson. This includes passion, relationships, creativity, care, integrity, freedom/control, teamwork, credibility, respect, and intensity. He showed us great case studies and talked about his past work at ESPN, Six Flags, and now the MLB. I really enjoyed his presentation and look forward to keeping in touch with him.
Overall, today was a good orientation to the company and I can’t wait to start working!

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