Day 10: A Day of Basketball

Mota El Bawab 2012 4244 Comments

The best time of the year is by far May-June. School’s out and summer is just beginning, but what is mostly relevant to the MSBA participants is the NBA and NHL Playoffs, the beginning of the MLB Season and the list goes on. But today is different, it’s Game 1 of the most anticipated NBA Finals in history. The two best players are competing for a chance to mark their legacy and join the legends of the game.
This summer I am interning at Five-Star Basketball. They have a mission to be the leader in basketball education by providing guidance, mentorship, and opportunities to coaches, parents, and players. Being one of the most well-known youth basketball camps has helped more than 400 Five-Star participants work their way to the NBA. A few former Five-Star participants include: Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter, Alonzo Mourning, Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Rip Hamilton, as well as countless other current players and projected NBA draft picks who will reach their goal of playing in the NBA.
My day at Five-Star starts by updating all of their social media platforms and reviewing all of the analytics from the past posts, tweets, websites, and e-mails. In order to stick to our mission to be the leader in basketball education, most of the time the team goes online in order to search for new content, news about AAU Basketball tournaments or even basketball trends. This helps our brand reach more followers and expand our market reach. Social media is a big component now of our brand, therefore we have to create and implement the best strategy to stay ahead of the competition.
At 3 p.m., we tend to have our daily meeting in order to brainstorm new ways to reach new users and put out new content. This requires a lot of creativity and testing after the meetings, knowing that some ideas might fail, and others may succeed in reaching the goals required. We set up a benchmark and a sort of Plan B.
In the end, what’s a better way to finish the day than to watch some basketball, GAME 1 of the NBA Finals!!! OKC won, but it was a great game watching it with everybody! It was a split crowd but it is always fun!

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