Day 8: Coney Island and Brooklyn Cyclones

Joshua Lagan 2012 4781 Comments

Today we took an early morning trip to Coney Island, more specifically to visit the Brooklyn Cyclone’s stadium, where a very special event was taking place. The HSSM (High School of Sports Management) was throwing a gala and a softball match, celebrating the graduation of their seniors, as well as honoring members of their community that had contributed to their achievements. First of all, I would like to say that they treated us to a great brunch, and allowed us to join in on their celebrations. A very special thank you to Reverend Branch and Principal Pitts for allowing us to join in on this great event and for the great hospitality they showed us.
After the brunch and the prize giveaway, we were able to enjoy a variety of different events, which included the celebrity softball match. The Brooklyn Cyclones’ field was very impressive, and it made the game all the more entertaining. Apart from the game, there were many different musical presentations by a variety of artists, and even though it began to rain, the show went on. However, the most important thing that happened was that we got to meet, even though it was only a brief meeting, with the kids we will be mentoring for the duration of the Manhattan Sports Business Academy. They all looked very enthusiastic about what is going to happen during the next few weeks, and hopefully we will be able to live up to their expectations.
After leaving Coney Island, the day became a matter of soaking up all of the different sporting events that were happening throughout the day. Events ranged from a soccer friendly, to the European soccer cup, to the NBA Eastern Conference finals and ending with the Bradley-Pacquiao fight, it was definitely a good day to be a sports fan.

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