Day 3: Group Projects

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We all know that sports, whether in the clubhouse or the board room, is all about teamwork. What better way to get practical experience in the sports industry then by doing group projects!

Yep, that’s right. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean the homework stops! At the end of the day, MSBA is a program that give us the edge in one of the most competitive industries in the world and this project will be one way in which they will make sure we do.

Each of MSBA’s four major sponsors, GatoradeDeuce BrandMission and Fila, have been kind enough to produce individualized case studies about their company. Further details will be given next week in terms of the specifics of each case.

For the project, the program is divided into groups of 4. My group consists of myself, Matthew Mascolo, Josh Lagan and the X-factor Grant Norris-Jones. The preseason rankings have come out and our group has secured the #1 ranking in both the USA Today and AP polls.

Like true sports business professionals, we settled the order in which each group would get to select their company: a draft! Although not covered by ESPN this year, I will personally do my best to get my coworkers at Lagardere-Unlimited to secure MSBA 2013 media rights and have the draft broadcasted live on ESPN and ESPN the Ocho (10 points for whoever gets this reference).

After one of the most intense tournaments of rock-paper-scissors I have ever seen, Samson Feldman secured the #1 pick for his team, leaving our finalist Matt Mascolo with the #2 pick. Team Samson went on to select Deuce Brand with the first overall pick, shocking the entire MSBA world. Sources say Team Samson was really intrigued by the potential of the brand after hearing about its unique proposition with the NBA.

With the #2 pick, we decided to happily draft Gatorade. “We didn’t think Gatorade would be on the board at #2, so we were happy to get such great value at that pick”, said Mascolo, “I can’t wait to put this project on my resume and prove that I’m the real deal”.

Mascolo is right. The best part about this project is that we will be presenting our ideas in front of a panel of key executives from each of the companies. It’s going to be really exciting and I can’t wait to share what we will come up with!


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