Day 2: Sports Business with Darren Rovell

Lucas Biebelberg 2012 Leave a Comment

Try to recall the most intensive day you have ever had. Now multiply that by three. The Manhattan Sports Business Academy, founded by Ben Sturner, is definitely not for everyone. But for those individuals who are aggressive, self-driven, and aspire to become the next great sports business professionals, look no further than this extraordinary program. After moving into New York City on June 3rd, the program instantly hit the ground running with the Director of Sports Marketing for Gatorade, Kenny Mitchell, speaking. He provided invaluable advice and guidance on how to achieve success in the sports business industry. It was incredibly interesting to glean insight from not only Ben Sturner on how he was able to reach the level of accomplishment that he has, both from an entrepreneurial standpoint as well as a humanitarian standpoint, but to also hear Kenny speak on the very first night simply foreshadowed the level of greatness this program would bring.

Our first full day with MSBA, Monday June 4th, was nothing short of incredible. While the rest of the program participants were participating in Ben’s innovative fitness program, my morning began at 6:30am. Commuting to my internship, 16W Marketing in Rutherford, NJ, which is not the easiest thing I have ever done, but I can say with certainty, that it has been worth it and more. I have been interning with 16W Marketing for about a week, and the information and experience I have been able to garner has been critically important. From playing a key role in the event coordination of the 2014 Super Bowl, to reading over the contracts of various clients, I have loved every minute spent at my internship. While it obviously helps that the gentlemen I work with are unbelievably professional, influential, and knowledgeable, the tasks I have been asked to complete have come with great experience and great fun.

Amazingly, my day didn’t end at 6:30pm when 16W Marketing closed up shop for the night. I took the train back into New York City, and met the other participants at Chelsea Piers, where we heard two amazing individuals in the sports industry speak: Jonathan Blue of Blue Equity, and Darren Rovell of CNBC Sports. Their speeches were spectacular, and corroborated my belief that Ben Sturner, David Oestreicher, Brandon Wai, and the rest of the MSBA staff had planned and executed a program that would soon reach an unprecedented reputation.

The night only got better from there, as we were then introduced to our mentors for the summer. My mentor, Jason Belzer, owns his own company called Global Athlete Management Enterprises, and represents some of the top college coaches while putting on some of the premier athletic events. I’ve already learned a great deal from Jason, and most assuredly look forward to building our relationship and continuing the learning process. This may seem like a jam-packed day, but we have come to learn that for the next 8 weeks, this will merely be the ordinary. I’ve learned so much from my internship and from Ben, and look forward to learning and experiencing even more. My brief time at 16W Marketing has been amazing, but I truly cannot say I work there. As the saying goes, “if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The opportunity Ben has given me to participate in his inaugural program has already changed my life, and I cannot thank him or this program enough. If you are given the chance to participate in this program, don’t think twice. It may create stress, it may create hardships, and it may create life-altering changes, but do it. After one week, I already know that it was one of the best decisions of my life.

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