Day 50: Perspective

RJ Curtin 2018

During the time leading into the summer, the MSBA class was asked to identify both short term and long term goals we had for ourselves. For many people, it is rather easy to rattle off a few goals or ideal scenarios we have in mind – our elevator pitch of a sort. One characteristic of the goals that the MSBA leadership reiterated to us was to make them measurable. I know for myself personally, this was a very constructive aspect of the goal setting process because it holds me accountable and forces necessary self-reflection. I think it creates a certain level of vulnerability in us where we have to be mindful of whether our actions are bringing us closer to our goals. This has been a motivator for me and many of my peers who I’ve shared this summer experience with.

“The goals I have for myself are definitely reaching for the stars, but I am aware and willing to do whatever is necessary to get there.”

Vulnerability is something that can be difficult to manage because it can serve as a motivator but can just as easily be something that hinders your ability to achieve what you’ve set out to do. Dwelling on mistakes or missed opportunities can be a cyclical pattern and this is something I have experienced in many areas of my life. I constantly reiterate to myself that happiness is a choice and similarly, each individual’s definition of success is not the same. In a press conference after the Carolina Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, Cam Newton was asked whether he struggles with trying to meet the lofty expectations others have set for him. Cam responded by saying, “The goals I set for myself are much greater than anything somebody else could set for me. I am only concerned with the things I have set out to do.” I am sure there are things Cam and I would not relate to one another on, but I think perspective is one where we would. I believe perspective in this case is demonstrating the ability to be self-aware or critical while never wavering from your ultimate goal and process for achieving it. Managing that thought process requires a lot of maintenance and similarly, the environment necessary to do so is different for each individual.

The goals I have for myself are definitely reaching for the stars, but I am aware and willing to do whatever is necessary to get there. That is a mindset I have been very fortunate to share with many of my MSBA peers and what I believe is the underlying purpose of the program. Setting lofty goals for ourselves wouldn’t mean anything if we were not willing to support our friends on theirs or doing so with willingness to come up short. This program fosters a lot of competitive nature, but I believe everyone is on the same team and that strength in numbers can make these goals much more attainable.