Day 22: Individual Commitment to Group Success

RJ Curtin 2018

When people heavily invest their time and resources towards a goal, they hope to gain something that will carry them forward to better opportunities. I believe each person involved with MSBA as a participant, mentor, or contributor believes there is a form of personal growth or opportunity to be gained in doing so. The mutual goal for higher achievement is everything that I cherished as an athlete and had yet to experience in a career setting until this summer. Spending Sunday evening watching the greatest rivalry in sports with people who want nothing but the best for me was both a humbling and motivating experience. I hope to continue to maximize the tools and resources this summer has brought my way.

“The relationships I have made this summer will carry me very far in life both personally and professionally.”

The New York Yankees organization is one of the greatest brands in sports and can easily be identified all over the world. Before the evening kicked off on Sunday, I had a conversation with MSBA Co-Founder David Oestreicher where he shared how proud he is that the Yankees see value in hosting us and partnering themselves with the MSBA brand. The Yankees did not reach their level of success overnight, as it took many years to instill a winning culture and maintain the benchmarks of what they considered to be success. David, along with MSBA Alumni, the MSBA Staff, and a growing group of Mentors have made countless individual efforts to grow the brand and provide a wider breadth of opportunities for us. Legendary coach Vince Lombardi believed, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” I believe it becomes much easier to show commitment towards something when you know each of the people around you mimic that level of commitment. The relationships I have made this summer will carry me very far in life both personally and professionally. I would love to use these experiences to grow and play my role in building a brand synonymous with class and achievement.

Jason Belzer spoke to the MSBA group earlier this summer and emphasized that we should constantly be trying to position ourselves in a way where we can provide somebody value. I try to remain hyper-curious of ways in which I can maximize my skills and passions and sometimes it can be an overwhelming process. The time I have spent sharing goals and aspirations with my peers and mentors has reminded me that I am not alone in my pursuit of success. Rather than feeling vulnerable about sharing what I hope to accomplish, I believe this network of people is designed to maximize individual talent and commitment for shared group success.