Day 3: How Do You Want to be Remembered?

Andrea Galea 2018

As I sit and allow my thoughts and reflections to simmer in my mind after having attended a panel of three highly qualified, experienced individuals, a consistent phrase resonates: be your own unique self.

We had the pleasure of listening to David Kaye (BSE Global), Suzanne Edelberg (Foot Locker), and Leah Smith (LeadDog Marketing Group), who provided candid insight as well as a slew of anecdotes about their vast backgrounds. Leah happens to oversee the growth and progression of interns at my MSBA Internship Provider this summer. As a side note, I would love to add that she, myself, and fellow MSBA colleague RJ Curtin, had a lovely bonding experience riding a very packed subway car moments prior to arriving at squad headquarters.

“MSBA proves to congregate together a group of 25 zany, passionate, and enthusiastic future sports business leaders who each have their own narrative to share.”

Oftentimes, as young, aspiring professionals striving to make a name for ourselves we are very susceptible to influence and imitation. Naturally, even from experience, I find myself looking to emulate traits and characteristics of the highly accomplished to help build my own skills for success.

However, tonight’s panel articulated and reiterated the benefits of our generation bringing about a diverse and dynamic perspective into a company; I noticed this quip surprised and excited the group heavily. MSBA proves to congregate together a group of 25 zany, passionate, and enthusiastic future sports business leaders who each have their own narrative to share.

These fresh perspectives and circumstances are discernible within the thoughtful, perceptive questions that were asked by many of the students this evening. What stood out heavily to me was Luke Murray’s closing question posed to the Speakers. I am continually amazed by the depth and detail my classmates employ, and I can even tell the Speakers were pleasantly surprised by our group’s preparedness!

As with most of MSBA’s scheduled programming thus far in our short time together, every day allows a new and varied lesson to come into fruition; while much of our time spent does consciously prepare us for our professional career, the staff approaches each activity with an energy that frankly makes it difficult not to have a blast. Upon meeting Speakers that carry many “hats” and responsibilities filled with tips and funny stories about what not to do (i.e., do NOT fall asleep at your internship twice), we also are connecting with them to hopefully make some meaningful and lasting mentors.

To end this blog post on a heartwarming note, I am thankful every day for MSBA and the program’s ability to introduce us to individuals who enjoy helping our generation. David Kaye, Director of Employee Engagement at BSE, noted the joy he receives when someone seeks out his advice or professional opinion simply because he has a personal mission to be a “difference maker” or be there for another colleague. It is important to sit back sometimes and truly reflect that, whatever career or area of the industry we pursue, we should commit ourselves to being good citizens first, and oftentimes others will remember you for that!