Day 49: An Ode to the Big Apple

Eleni Georgiafandis 2017

The city that never sleeps
From you, I have learned heaps
The subway was mastered fast
I was a part of an incredible MSBA cast
There was always something to explore
Knowledge from our Mentors we would implore
The Office Field Trips were beyond amazing
To skyline views we would stand gazing
The education we received was second to none
And through it all, we legitimately had fun
To my Mentors: Sag, Emily, and Jay
For your impact on me, I will not be able to repay
To our parents: Lorne and Bailey
The advice you gave I will put to use daily
To David: The Wizard of Oz
Thank you for being the brains behind this cause
To my roomies: Mo and Nat
Thank you for making 701 the best habitat
To my fellow intern: the notorious D
Thank you for making every day the best it could be
To my best friends: the squad that stays lit
All that’s left to say is, “Flipping send it!”
Thank you Big Apple for the times
Thank you Big Apple for these rhymes

This summer has been better than I could have ever expected. Some of my colleagues are going back to school, some are entering into the professional world, but no matter where their next adventure takes them, I know they will be successful. I can’t wait to follow everyone’s career and possibly even find myself in the same office as one or two of them one day. There’s already talk of an MSBA 2017 reunion happening, so be on the lookout for the squad to come together again. But until then, good luck to my people. It has been a dream getting to know all of you and I love y’all almost as much as Brett loves his hats. Full Send.