Day 45: Connecting the Dots

Megan Kelly 2017

How are we already on Day 45? Better yet, how are we sitting down to hear American Express, a leading brand when it comes to sports partnerships, share their wisdom and advice for us (talk about being in rooms you don’t belong in)?

Tuesday was one of our few times this summer hearing from a brand itself. We have heard from a handful of leagues, venues, teams, agencies, and publication platforms, but there’s nothing quite like hearing from the brand that is working to reach the sports fan. This was one of the last steps to bring things full circle – we have now been fully immersed in all the pieces necessary to bring a game, team, brand, player, or content piece to a fan and customer. We have connected all the dots in the sport industry through this true immersion program.

American Express does an incredible job of creating lasting memories and experiences for Card Members through activations, special access, and promotions. They do this through partnerships with players, teams, and leagues, and by working with multiple agencies that help see the activations through to fruition. David Picioski (“DP” to some), Louis Frangella (an MSBA Mentor), David Brody, and Lisa Kahn walked us through how they are able to bring their brand to so many fans as the Sports Team at American Express.

“It pays off to show your passion, keep in touch, and go the extra mile – all things I never valued so much as I do right now.”

DP – who is also an MSBA Mentor and actually interned for MSBA years ago – was also able to give us his authentic take on the sport industry and his path to success (and when I say “authentic,” it’s clear this guy seriously loves what he does; you can see the passion he has for sports and the brand he is selling for). If we can learn anything from his story, it is this: don’t be afraid to offer the speaker at a conference a ride back to his hotel – it might just turn into an internship and a whole new network of people, which might just turn into another internship, which might just turn into a job at American Express.

After meeting MSBA Co-Founder David Oestreicher at a conference at Indiana University some years ago, DP took a large leap into the industry. And now, he is showing us the ropes at American Express – a full circle of the MSBA Way. It pays off to show your passion, keep in touch, and go the extra mile – all things I never valued so much as I do right now.