Day 44: New Perspectives

Alex Combs 2016

It’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said before when the consistency of this program is so strong. Heading guns blazing into the seventh week, I can guarantee that just like the students before us, no one can believe that MSBA 2016 is almost over or even begin to fathom everything we’ve done. Tonight was a wakeup call for me because one of our very own was leaving for a business trip and wouldn’t be attending any more programming. Reality slowly began to sink in that we would all be saying goodbye way too soon, and despite the dream of being connected within the sports industry, we still have a long way to go. It happened to work out that we got the night off from programming so naturally the next step was to find a Tuesday Night Trivia hot spot. Luckily, when you put eight winners at a table with vast knowledge of Mad Men, music and logos, you’re sure to end up with the first place prize. Planning how we’ll use our winnings slowly transitioned into how we’ll manage future reunions, and all I can say is that MSBA truly is a family. Keeping in touch has already become a main priority and we still have two weeks left.

“One thing that has surprised me the most throughout this process is how these personal relationships have affected multiple different aspects of my life.”

One thing that has surprised me the most throughout this process is how these personal relationships have affected multiple different aspects of my life. I came into this program confident that I would succeed within my career, but the program’s staff and my fellow students have opened my eyes to how many different ways I can get there. We have so many amazing opportunities within the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, and being able to sit down afterwards with anyone in the family and discuss them has been a gift. Everyone has a unique perspective on how to execute what we’ve learned and it has given me the ability to look at business as a whole in so many different ways. I am able to go into my internship with new ideas, outlooks, and problem-solving skills that have transferred over from something as simple as a conversation after the speaker the night before.

While this program is quickly coming to an end, I am lucky enough to stick around and continue my work with the PGA TOUR for a few more weeks. Even though I won’t be constantly surrounded by MSBA events, I can guarantee that I will be doing my best to continue and foster the knowledge they have given me. I look forward to the challenge of keeping in touch and continuing to build on all the relationships I’ve made. Thankfully, Snapchat will help me share the never-ending people watching that lives on the subway, and I can sleep well knowing everyone is just a phone call away when things get hectic and the future starts knocking. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this program for having an impact on me greater than I could have ever imagined. I may be leaving this city with life-long friends, but I have gained so much more than that from MSBA.