Day 35: Hi Mom

Carson Holden 2016

Shameless confession: I’ve been in New York for six weeks now, and I call my mom every day. Nothing validates my adventure like telling my mom all the cool things I’ve been doing in the city, even though I claim that this experience has helped me become more “independent”. The daily phone call goes back to our daily rituals from when I was in elementary school; as soon as I got in the car, I always had to tell my mom three good things that happened that day. Now, in MSBA 2016, I always have more than three good things to tell her, and I usually end up rambling on for thirty minutes or more so that she has to throw in a few details from home at the very end (before I have to run to another MSBA event). I love how excited she is to hear about what I’ve been doing. It makes the hustle and grind of MSBA all worth it to hear how impressed she is with what I’ve been doing at The Garden or how jealous she is that we were in ultra-exclusive areas of the Barclays Center.

“I will always remember my internship at The Garden and all that I learned, and I will forever be friends with my MSBA classmates.”

Even though the MSBA staff posts numerous photos from every event, they can’t capture everything, and those are my favorite details to share with my mom. She can easily log onto Facebook and see the impressive spaces we’re invited to for Office Field Trips or the infamous group shot from every event. What those photos don’t show are the moments before the group shot, when the girls are complaining about having to “sorority squat” for the umpteenth time and the guys are messing around until just before the flash goes off. They can’t possibly show the excitement I feel when a favorite speaker emails me back (on the first try!) and agrees to tell me more about their job. The cameras certainly aren’t around to capture the sense of joy I feel in the evening when I arrive at the MSBA programming to see my classmates. Even if I’ve been insanely busy at my internship and all I want to do is sit down, all I have to do is surround myself with these people and I can instantly feel my outlook change.

While I wish I could always remember everything I want to tell my mom from every day, there are simply too many great moments for me to keep in my head. It’s always the small moments, like gathering with the group to watch The Proposal on a Sunday night, that seem to slip my mind. It’s so unfortunate that I can never remember all the small moments until just after I hang up, because these are the memories that will stick with me long after this summer is over. I will always remember my internship at The Garden and all that I learned, and I will forever be friends with my MSBA classmates. When we’re all grown-ups and have real jobs (our dream jobs at our favorite companies and teams, of course), I hope we all remember the small moments when we really came together as a class, even if I can’t remember to tell them to my mom.