Day 14: Fight On

Rajesh Bhayana 2016

As a student at USC, the phrase “fight on” is said almost impulsively as a closing to any conversation.  I, myself, utter the words at least once a day.  But until this summer, the words never really carried much meaning to me.  My experiences in the hustle and bustle of NYC have provided me with a whole new meaning of this USC motto.  I’ve come to realize that there’s never a dull moment for an MSBA student.  Our feet are always kicking, and “fighting on” – like a Trojan always does – is the only way to keep from going under.

“Every day is a new opportunity in MSBA, and every person we’ve met has the capability to change our lives.”

I look back on the week I’ve just had and wonder how it all fit into just seven days.  We heard from the inspirational entrepreneur Mark French on Monday, then sat in on a workshop conducted by Nicole Auerbach of USA Today on Tuesday, slid our way into the intriguing GlideSlope on Wednesday, watched the Cavs take Game 6 on Thursday, traveled across state lines to NBC Sports on Friday, and celebrated a few MSBA birthdays over the weekend to finish with an amazing NBA Championship win by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  To think that all of this happened in such a short time is remarkable.

What makes the week seem even more incredible is the fact that all of this was done alongside a full-time internship.  For me, this opportunity came in the Strategy & Activation department at IMG.  The knowledge I’ve gained there, in conjunction with all that I’ve learned through MSBA, has put me well on my way towards achieving all the goals I’ve set for myself.

I can’t help but go back to those two words “fight on” as a representation of life in MSBA.  We are pushed to full capacity, and always on our feet, but opportunities are out there if we just keep fighting on.  Every day is a new opportunity in MSBA, and every person we’ve met has the capability to change our lives.  Every experience can teach us something, and every conversation can turn into an inspiration.  Two weeks into MSBA 2016, I know this program will make for two of the busiest months of my life, but they will also be two of the most fun and fulfilling two months of my life.  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!  Fight on my friends.