Day 56: Moment 4 Life

Emily Black 2015

When we applied for MSBA, one of the questions on the application asked each of us to choose the three individuals in sports who we would most like to have dinner with if given the opportunity to meet LITERALLY anyone. On my dream list of sports figures to wine and dine: NBA Commish Adam Silver, WNBA agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas, and the legendary Pat Summitt.

“Why on the last day of MSBA do I bring up the application I filled out in October? Because today I wrapped up the summer of my dreams by meeting the first two of the people on that list. No big deal.”

Once again my unbelievable mentor, Wendy Morris, came up clutch by helping me secure a volunteer opportunity at the WNBA All-Star Game in Uncasville, Connecticut. After an incredible volunteering opportunity at the Dads and Daughters event at Mohegan Sun Arena, I had the privilege of attending an ESPNW reception post-game where I was in a room full of people that have long inspired me—from players to coaches to executives to agents to broadcasters. And yes, I took the liberty of introducing myself to Adam Silver and Lindsay Kagawa Colas because if I’ve learned anything this summer during MSBA, it’s the fact that you’ve got to seize the moment.

While I was ecstatic to be meeting individuals in the industry that I’ve long idolized, I was bummed to be missing the opportunity to seize more moments with my MSBA classmates on our last day in the city together. If you had told me coming into the program that I would be more preoccupied with the fact that my MSBA pals were lounging around EHS on a lazy Saturday without me than the fact that Elena Delle Donne was two feet away from me in the tunnel, I would have called you crazy. As thankful as I was to be working an event that means so much to me, I couldn’t help majorly missing my MSBA squad.

Coming in, we thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We’d done our research. We all read the student blogs of alums, looked at the speaker series pictures from years earlier, and scrolled through past social media posts about the incredible MSBA Field Trips. But nothing compares to actually being here and being a part of the team that is MSBA. We go out with memories and friends that are going to last a lifetime.

To quote Drake (#MSBA15’s go-to lyrical source thanks to the infamous 6 train):

“This one’s for books. Man, I swear this stuff is as fun as it looks…” In every way, shape, and form, this summer lived up to and exceeded expectations. I feel 100% confident in saying that not one out of the 25 of us wants MSBA to end. In these moments, we’ve all felt so alive.

We want to have this Moment 4 Life — no doubt. And although it’s coming to an end for now (all good things must right?), #MSBA15 will see you again soon New York City. We’re all Working On Excellence together.