Day 52: Game Changer

Corey Miller 2015

Somehow we have made it to the final week – where did the time go this summer? If you were to have asked me eight weeks ago if I thought I would make it to this point, I would have said “absolutely no way”. One of the last on-site visits we would make this summer is to the up and coming company known as Whistle Sports.

“…Where did the time go this summer?”

Whistle Sports is a multi-channel network that focuses on professional, collegiate and amateur level sports content from over 200 YouTube channels. We were fortunate enough to listen to a variety of young and established speakers who are extremely respected in their field. We heard from Michael Cohen, Jay Ingber, Willis Wiggin, John Sills, and Bryan Moll. All five of them had so many insightful tidbits on what they did to get them to where they are today. Further, they covered how to keep our careers constantly moving forward, especially with all of the ever-improving technology that we have at our disposal.

One important piece of information I took away from this was that as a young and aspiring professional, I need to realize that the first job I take out of college more than likely won’t be my last. I can’t plan my career by thinking 10-15 years down the line, instead, I need to look at it in intervals of five years, continuously build my personal brand and learn as much as I possibly can in all different facets of business.

Another interesting piece I took from our afternoon was that when asked how they decide on what clients to partner with, Whistle Sports doesn’t necessarily jump at the person with the most appeal. They mentioned that they want to work with someone who is willing to put in the extra work and won’t just settle for average, ensuring that the partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

A final point I was blown away with was the impact and importance that technology has on the world around us today. This trip opened up my eyes that technology has a global reach and there are no longer any boundaries or borders. If you are not up to date with the newest advances, then you better catch up or else you will be left far behind. The people at Whistle Sports are truly changing the way the game is being played, and to hear from them was awesome.