Day 51: Once In A Lifetime Experience

Jacob Boissiere 2015

By the time this blog is posted, MSBA 2015 will be one for the books. Some will stay for a final few weeks of work, others will leave New York, but we are all better off than we were on May 31st. MSBA gave us access to people many can only dream of, provided insights that only few know, and fostered relationships that are truly rare. Each day presented an opportunity to learn, grow, and evaluate our own selves. With the help of excellent guidance, MSBA students were able to not only have the best summer of their young lives, but the most impactful as well.

“…We are all better off than we were on May 31st

The idea of spending a summer eating, breathing, and sleeping sports business in New York City seems too good to be true, yet MSBA provides that. The opportunity to work for a league, agency, or a team is too great to pass up. And the chance to live, learn, and grow with 25 other sports interns, that is once in a lifetime. In hindsight, it is nearly impossible to not grow from a MSBA experience. The pillars of the program, the values of the program, and most importantly, the people of the program, ensure student success. Taking a chance on MSBA is never a bad idea – consider the class of 2016 fairly warned.