Day 50: Glory & Gratitude

Andrew Stockstill 2015

American Pharaoh wins the Triple Crown at Belmont. Alex Rodriguez records his 3,000th career hit on a first at-bat, first-pitch home run. Stephen Curry wins the regular season MVP and NBA titles. The U.S. Women’s National Team captures a World Cup.

“It was practically supernatural confirmation that I am meant to work in sports business.”

What do these historic moments have in common for me? I witnessed them all while enrolled in MSBA this summer, the first two in person and latter two on television.

I cannot deny the coincidence of these events occurring in the midst of two of the greatest months of my life. It was practically supernatural confirmation that I am meant to work in sports business.

That being said, this is my final post of the summer so I would like to use it as an outlet of appreciation. I firstly want to thank Lorne Segall for his unwavering support of my endeavors. He worked diligently to ensure that my co-participants and I locked down internships throughout the academic year and then continued to support us as the program progressed. His guidance has been invaluable and I know I will continue to need it as my career advances.

I thank Ben Sturner and David Oestreicher for their advice and hosting of our class. Their visions and goals are some of the brightest I have ever encountered, and all of their success is extremely well deserved. Additionally, I wish to acknowledge Jenna Pittleman for her help with my resume and Brandon DiPerno for excellent chronicling of our MSBA adventures, as well as being a great friend. This MSBA staff is nothing short of brilliant and I would be hard pressed to find a group more knowledgeable of the sport industry.

Most of all, I cannot thank my MSBA classmates enough for elevating my summer beyond what I imagined it could be. We were close after the first week, and our bond has only grown stronger since. Each one of us brings something to the table both intellectually and socially, and that is an amazing thing to witness. I am graduating from MSBA knowing I can contact these individuals about any topic, and I will miss them dearly as we begin to spread back out across the country.

Oh, and in case you readers were curious, my Sundays typically consist of laundry, eating food, and going to the movies. Thus, I felt that my above sentiments were much more important on this particular Sunday.

Cheers to MSBA 2015!