Day 45: Adding Fuel To The Fire

Danny Schwartz 2015

By this point in the program, it almost goes without saying how helpful MSBA has been. From professional workshops to one-on-one mentorship, the MSBA team has been able to provide an incredibly well rounded and jam-packed agenda to students with a variety of goals and perspectives.

“…MSBA has fueled my sports business fire.”

Not only does MSBA force you to consider the many different aspects of the sports business landscape (a team, a league, a brand, an agency, etc.), but it also makes you consider the many different options within those fields. After a while, the nesting doll effect builds to the point that when you look at a particular theme, you can get several layers of opinion.

We’ve learned so much about the digital space and its impact on, say, marketing just by listening to people like Alec Coughlin of RFI Studios, Mark Zablow of Cogent Entertainment Marketing or Ed O’Hara of SME Branding. Each speaker has a different background, and each gave us a different lesson to take home about the subject.

These experiences have added up over the course of the summer, and their effect is tremendous. Through my internship and MSBA’s programming, I feel like I’ve grown exponentially both in my knowledge of the industry and my thirst to learn more. The days have seemingly flown by, and while we are almost finished, it is safe to say that MSBA has fueled my sports business fire.